Hooligan Magooligan

Hooligan Magooligan Loves Her Pets

9781783013647Sushi Belushi is as tall as she is wide and her nose has whiskers on either side. 

Izzy von Rizzi is elegant and slim with soft silky fur from her tail to her chin. 

Coco Magliocco loves to smile and go for walks every once in a while. 

Lilly de Silly has ears that flip and flop and a wiggly tail that bounces and bops. 

Hooligan Magooligan has four lovely pets and she loves them all no matter how big or small. Meet Hooligan Magooligan and her pets in this wonderful rhyming adventure that conveys a lovely message about embracing individuality.

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Hooligan Magooligan Makes a SplashCOVER_FrontF

It’s a very hot day and Hooligan Magooligan is off to the pool.

This beautiful picture book is the perfect read for

busy toddlers, who are learning about water safety. 

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